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Kristina inspired me to be a woman of the highest calibre and use my skills to venture into what I love the most. I enjoyed her approach and kind personality throughout the course and would love to meet her over a cup of coffee one day when I come to London. I highly recommend her finishing programme!


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I really enjoyed this course and I’m so glad to have chosen the Finishing programme with Kristina. The course is packed full of useful and relevant information covering various topics and social settings. It’s very nicely organized into chapters that are easy to follow and enjoyable to watch. Kristina really thinks of every single detail and covers absolutely everything you could possibly think of. I learned a lot from this course. It was definitely worth it and I am a fan of hers for life.


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Kristina is not only an elegant, well educated, high-class lady, but also humble and kind. Most of the etiquette coaches I’ve experienced have not been very down to earth in my opinion. They tend to forget that kindness is the most important key to being classy and well behaved. I was able to email my questions to Kristina, which she always responded promptly to. Her passion for etiquette really shines through. It’s really hard to find such an outstanding coach nowadays. Thank you Kristina!


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This was a great added value to my overall skill set. I am proud of myself to have been able to invest in this course with Kristina. This is going to help my career grow exponentially. Highly valuable course.


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I was looking for advice on how to land a job, but I got so much more from this course! Kristina helped me to host a fantastic dinner party. Kristina is an expert in these fields. I find the course extremely interesting, and what I love most is that she also provides additional ways to learn in the worksheets, which was super useful. And the best thing is that you can select what times and pace works best for you and your schedule.


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I am impressed by the quality and extent of this online course and by Kristina’s unique approach to etiquette and elegance. Being a fresh graduate trying to navigate different social situations can feel overwhelming, but this course gave me the kind of social confidence I was looking for.


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