Hello, I'm Kristina

Certified etiquette teacher Kristina Szabova helps people become their best selves through good manners, refined style and confident presence.

From a career in diplomacy to a full-time etiquette coach. Here’s my story…

As the Head of Diplomatic Protocol and a Diplomat in London, I gained firsthand experience and invaluable lessons in etiquette and high-profile interactions. It was a crash course in real-world diplomacy. Advising state officials, organizing diplomatic events, were all part of my daily routine. When you’re in the epicenter of such high-stakes scenarios, there’s no room for mistakes, and there’s definitely no place to hide. It’s in these moments, under the spotlight, where true mastery of etiquette and social finesse is forged.

"My wish is to help people elevate their lifestyle and be the best version of themselves."

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Explore a world of refinement and elegance, from mastering social etiquette to perfecting your personal branding, from the best fashion and beauty tips to timeless dining etiquette – it’s all here waiting for you to elevate your lifestyle.