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Author: Kristina Szabova

Successful lawyer woman confidently walking on outdoor beige background sidewalk ready to go to meeting long stride

6 Body Language Hacks for Instant Confidence

Why is Confidence Important?

Confidence not only influences how others perceive us but also impacts our own self-esteem and success. According to research by Harvard

Business Communication, Office desk with a laptop reading "Sorry" message, minimalistic, clean lines.
Business Etiquette

Business Communication Tip: Stop Saying “Sorry”

Start Using These Alternatives Today

In this post, I’ll provide five examples of how to replace “I’m sorry” with more confident and positive phrases, and why it’s essential for your personal and professional image. Whether you’re in business, studying, or

Social Etiquette

How to Avoid a Lipstick Faux Pas

I’m a huge fan of wearing bright colours on my lips. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of to avoid any lipstick faux pas. If you’re wondering when it’s ok to do a touch-up, if

Elegant lady using a napkin at the table dining etiquette restaurant red lips silver jewellry
Social Etiquette

5 Napkin Faux Pas: Dining Etiquette You Need to Know

Knowing how to use napkins properly is crucial for good manners, especially when dining out. Even though it might seem small, messing up with napkins can make a big difference in how others see you. Whether you're at a fancy
Personal Branding & Style

5 Steps to Improve a First Impression

What really happens when you are kind to someone? Whilst we all might know that when we’re kind to others, it creates a positive image for ourselves. What may surprise you is that being kind can actually change the way

Personal Branding & Style

3 Steps to Build Your Confidence

If you’ve ever second-guessed yourself about your look, appearance, or skills, this post is for you. I’m going to share my top tips to help you overcome beliefs that hold you back from achieving your goals and teach you techniques

Diplomatic Protocol

3 Presidents 2 Chairs

Nothing is more important in the life of a protocol officer than the order of precedence. There is a rank and an order of precedence everywhere. Whether you’re meeting a state official, member of the Royal household, your colleague, or

Diplomatic Protocol

An Intense Welcome Ceremony

Many of you may have seen this viral picture of French President Emanuel Macron disappearing under layers of wreaths or ‘leis’. This picture of his visit to French Polynesia is actually photoshopped. It is true that greeters laid a huge

Dining Etiquette

What am I Supposed to Do with the Cocktail Garnish?

Some cocktails could hardly be imagined without their typical garnishes. For example the olive in a Martini, onion in a Gibson, a Bloody Mary with celery stalk, or the cherry in a Manhattan. The purpose of cocktail garnishes is to

Dining Etiquette

5 Most Common Dining Etiquette Questions

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already questioned yourself if you have accidentally taken your neighbour’s bread or glass. Proper dining etiquette is important for making a favourable impression at business lunch or dinner, or even at more casual affairs,

Social Etiquette

How to Deal with Know-It-Alls in 4 Steps

We all know that one person at work or in our family, who is always offering their opinion about everyone and everything, and believes that their way is the right way. Know-it-alls think they know everything. Moreover, they are often

Dining Etiquette

5 Tips to Host a Perfect Dinner Party

No dinner party is complete without a beautiful table setting and, of course, a warmth-inducing menu. In this post, I’m sharing my top 5 tips and tricks to achieve both, and ensure a seamless and stress-free evening.  If you’re interested

Social Etiquette

How To Deal with Embarrassing Situations

During my career as a Head of Protocol, I’ve found myself in various socially awkward situations. From mixing up gifts at a televised gift exchange to telling my boss that there’s a hole in his suit pants. It happens to