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Social Etiquette

How to Avoid a Lipstick Faux Pas

I’m a huge fan of wearing bright colours on my lips. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of to avoid

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Social Etiquette

5 Napkin Faux Pas: Dining Etiquette You Need to Know

Knowing how to use napkins properly is crucial for good manners, especially when dining out. Even though it might seem small, messing up with napkins can make a big difference in how others see you. Whether you're at a fancy
Social Etiquette

How to Deal with Know-It-Alls in 4 Steps

We all know that one person at work or in our family, who is always offering their opinion about everyone and everything, and believes that their way is the right way. Know-it-alls think they know everything. Moreover, they are often

Social Etiquette

How To Deal with Embarrassing Situations

During my career as a Head of Protocol, I’ve found myself in various socially awkward situations. From mixing up gifts at a televised gift exchange to telling my boss that there’s a hole in his suit pants. It happens to